Increasing the number of cooperators is to increase the size of the community and can change our consumption habits. And it's giving Usitoo the funds needed to recruit the best people, find good objects and fine-tune a quality service for thousands of users.


Usitoo is a cooperative that aims to create a network for the provision of objects. We want to allow everyone to borrow objects easily and cheaply while reducing waste, overproduction and the carbon impact that can result.


Being a Usitoo cooperator means contributing to the financing of an innovative company that creates local employment. With the possibility to give your opinion at general meetings, participate in thematic think tanks, and of course decide together on the best allocation of the possible profits generated by the activity. Subscribing to Usitoo capital as a cooperator is very simple: you only need to buy units at a unit price of €100 (maximum 50 shares per person, ie €5000).

For the moment, we have an active fundraiser campaign, but the details of which are only available in French for the moment. We apologise for that.